“I still can’t believe the increase in libido AND ability. Our kids came to visit and were so impressed with what they saw, they are planning a trip to Arizona for a consult. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

John and Stella L. Westlake, OH

“I don’t need a nap in the middle of the day…even at age 89 my skin is really looking better and I was able to go early Christmas shopping ALL DAY with my daughter. It’s been years since I have been able to keep up like this…you’ll be getting a lot more old ladies to treat from my card club, I spent 10 minutes writing your office number on napkins for them after I told them what I was doing and what Doctor was responsible for it!”

Patient: Helen H.Laguna Niguel, CA

“It’s like 28 years of depression just lifted from my shoulders, the only problem is that I now feel the need to look for a man!”

Alice S.Globe, Arizona

“My skin is getting thicker along with my hair. Minor bumps no longer cause ugly bruises on my skin. My hairdresser can’t believe the changes she is seeing and can’t wait to get in to see you.”

Karen F.Westlake, OH

“It seemed as though I had lost my ability to multitask after menopause. Within 6 weeks after starting the therapy everyone around me noticed and were amazed at how sharp my mind had become. It feels like you found my old brain and put it back in my head.”

Mary M. Globe, AZ

“My wife and I had given up on physical intimacy over 7 years ago. You have brought that part of life back to us and it has brought us so much closer. We again see how much we still love each other.”

Mark and Susan P.Apache Junction, Arizona

“I no longer look like a drowned rat by the middle of the day. The hot flashes and sweating have completely stopped and my energy level and mood are so improved…I never expected these results. I must be looking better too because my husband brought me flowers from the supermarket for no apparent reason, he never does that!”

Rachel B.Globe, AZ