Hormone replacement therapy is the replacement of naturally occurring hormones that the body makes, but no longer makes enough of. The goal is to bring the body’s hormones to levels that improve the health and well-being of the person.

We use Bioidentical Hormones, which are the exact same molecules that the body makes, and knows what to do with, so that no health problems occur because the hormones are “not quite right” for the body.Hormones with names that sound right may not be right. We make sure that we use ONLY molecules that match the body’s needs are used when we treat our patients.

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers within the body. They carry messages from the endocrine glands of the body to the cells of the body. The hormones coordinate the activity of the cells of the body. In this way, they function like radio signals from the endocrine glands to the cells of the body.

As we age, unfortunately, the strength of the signals drops off. The endocrine glands produce less of the hormones, and the cells of the body do not get the messages that they once did. This leads to uncoordinated activity of the cells, and “falling apart.”

Why we use Bioidentical Hormones

The hormones that we use in our practice are Bioidentical Hormones. This means that they are the same as the molecules that we are supplementing, as created by the body.

This is important, as the body knows exactly what to do with these molecules. They unlock every lock that they are supposed to, and they do not unlock the ones that they are not supposed to. They are broken down just like the ones that the body makes, so there is no dangerous chemical waste floating around inside when we use them.

Other hormones are modified by people to make them easier to use, or for some other purpose. These molecules are NOT the same as the body makes and may not perform the same job that the molecules that they are copied from. This means that they do some things like the original molecules, and they do some other things that those molecules do not do. The body is not designed to deal with these molecules, and bad things can happen as a result.

We use molecules that are proven by science to improve the lives of our patients. We do not use anything but bioidentical in our clinic.

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